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Pediatric Orthopedics

The Department of Orthopaedics at Sachar Hospital in Jalandhar offers comprehensive care for bone and joints health for patients. We are a complete Orthopaedics unit here and equipped with the best in technology, types of equipment, and specialists.

In children, orthopedic problems are quite common due to their sports or in some children it can be observed by birth which is treating at our hospital with experienced orthopaedic surgeon in Jalandhar. The surgical and non-surgical procedures that are treated in children with an experienced orthopaedic specialist to bring back them from the conations affecting them to normal life is called paediatric orthopaedics. We are specialists to provide quality care treatment for children orthopaedic problems in Jalandhar, Punjab.

Pediatric orthopaedic surgeons are specially trained to diagnose and treat various problems associated with the bones, joints, back or muscle problems in children. They are specially trained in treating bones of children that are still growing. Our orthopaedic hospital for children’s in Jalandhar is a paediatric-friendly environment and we have the best paediatric orthopaedic doctor in jalandhar who can treat all paediatric injuries & trauma cases.

Personalized Care That Involves the entire family

We treat children with a wide range of conditions ranging from broken bones to more serious life-threatening conditions:

- Bow legs

- Club feet

- Fractures & broken bones

- Sports and other injuries

- Trauma

- Tumors of the bone and joints

Every child we treat is different, so we develop tailor-made treatment plans to suit every child’s needs. We understand that parents and entire families are concerned about their child’s treatment. We involve the whole family in each step of the treatment process, from diagnosis to recovery.