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Normal Delivery

Pregnancy is the first step of a woman towards motherhood. Our Maternity Centres in jalandhar are designed with an aim to provide mother and child a safe, conducive and infection free environment where she can bring her bundle of joy to this world in a joyful ambience.

Normal delivery of a baby is a natural birthing procedure in which the child is born through a vaginal delivery. Usually, this process doesn’t involve any medical or surgical intervention. As compared to a C-section, normal delivery is relatively less risky, and it also allows the mother’s body to recover faster. Though, in the case of normal delivery, the mother has to endure the labor pain while giving birth.

Tips to facilitate normal delivery

  1. Stay active – women who stay physically active during pregnancy have higher chances of normal delivery. Walking is a good form of exercise in pregnancy. You can start small and gradually progress to 45 min daily walk. You can also take specific exercise classes in pregnancy.
  2. Watch your weight – the ideal weight gain in pregnancy is 11 kg. Watch what you eat.
  3. Be mentally prepared – while it is good to be informed about the process of normal delivery don’t frighten yourself! Be positive in your attitude and trust your gynaecologist. Normal delivery takes time…..have patience.
  4. Pain – most women have a fear of pain and hence are unwilling to have normal delivery. You can discuss pain relief options with your gynaecologist.

Process of a Normal Delivery

A vaginal birth is divided into three stages:

Stage 1: It consists of three phases:

Latent: this phase last from six to ten hours in first-time pregnancy and cervix dilates from 0-4 cm during this phase.

Active: This phase last from three to six hours in first-time pregnancy and for a lesser time in the subsequent deliveries.

Transition: This phase last from 20 minutes to 2 hours in the first-time pregnancy and lesser duration the subsequent pregnancies.

Stages 2: This stage begins with a fully dilated cervix, and it lasts from half-an-hour to two hours in first-time pregnancy and reduces in subsequent births.

Stage 3: In this stage, the placenta is removed from the body, and it usually takes about a few minutes to half-an-hour.

Signs and Symptoms of a Normal Delivery

In the last week of pregnancy, there are certain symptoms which helps one to identify whether they can go for normal delivery or not. In most cases, most women start experiencing these symptoms about 4 weeks before they go into labor.


Signs and symptoms of Normal labor are :

-          Movement of baby’s head towards the lower part of the uterus during 30th – 34th week of pregnancy

-          Frequent and intense contractions

-          Spasm and pain in the lower parts of the abdomen and feet

-          Thick vaginal discharge, in more than usual quantity

-          Intense pain for a period of 40-60 seconds due to contractions

-          Intense back pain