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Newborn clinic

The Department of Paediatrics and Neonatology promotes the health of children and adolescents with a balanced approach, delivers high quality comprehensive clinical care and service, advocates vigorously for children and adolescents, and is responsive to the changing needs of community and society.

Newborn babies are like tiny suns, in a mystic way that bring warmth, happiness and grace into our lives. The first touch of our newborn is one of the most precious moments of our life. Babies bring the thrill of amazement the moment when they are born. It brings a smile on our face which never dwindles away.

A healthy baby has shining eyes, walks with charm on face into the world and spreads happiness. Nurturing a healthy kid is actually an appalling task, especially for somebody who is going to be a parent for the first time. And it’s normal to panic when our little one isn’t feeling well. Is it teething? A cold?. The moment we face any newborn illness then we call the best Pediatricians who actually cure the disease and satisfy parents. Every parent wants the best for their baby and doctors are clearly no exception! When a baby is born, parents are pretty much going to be in need of help ‘24×7’. Dr. Aakshi D. Sachar is the best newborn specialist in Jalandhar.

At New born clinic, providing skilled and compassionate services to new borns, including routine child care and quality medical intervention. The philosophy of the Clinic is to not only to treat the diseases of the newborn, infant, child or the adolescent, but to actively partner with parents other family members in promoting good health in every possible way.

Treatment and services we offer include:

Routine new born care :

  • Vaccinations
  •  screenings and
  • parental education

Critical care :

  • Respiratory support including advanced ventilation (including HFOV), CPAP, HHHFNC
  • Nutritional support including enteral and perinatal parenteral nutrition
  • Procedures like surfactant administration, exchange transfusion, chest tube drainage, therapeutic hypothermia, etc.